Better Together 2.0 – Survey results and gained insights

In our first customer survey in 2020, we focused on whether or not the COVID-19 crisis had changed overall consumer behavior. However, our second survey, “BETTER TOGETHER 2.0” was primarily about our brand. Your participation and engagement were of great importance to us and thus very helpful in getting relevant insights. Naturally, this has only been possible because of your incredible support. Thank you to everyone who took the time to participate in the survey – this has resulted in over 60 % more completed questionnaires compared to 2020.

Here are some insights:
  • ¾ of you have known us for more than three years.
  • The top 3 reasons for buying our bags include design (style/ aesthetics), followed by quality and the fact that it is an Austrian design. There is no distinction between those who bought a bag for themselves vs those who wished to be gifted one.
  • 85 % of all participants bought the bag themselves. Out of the 15 % who received a bag as a gift, only 20 % received a bag as a surprise present. 80 % actively asked someone for an IK bag as a gift. We are very pleased to hear that our bags are such popular gifts!
  • It is particularly delightful that 60 % of those who have known INA KENT for more than a year have noticed changes in our product portfolio or brand appearance over the past two years. The top 3 changes that have been noticed are “bag styles” followed by “colour palette” and “brand appearance of INA KENT”.
  •  A fifth of all participants state that they would love to see a wider range of products within our portfolio. They have pointed out that they would appreciate “more colour variations” and especially “more radiant colours”, “more matt colours” and “wider/ longer straps”. We are pleased to say that we will be able to announce new additions in that department soon.
  • 95 % of all participants are completely satisfied with the quality of our products. We are extremely excited about this high percentage; however, we’re constantly reevaluating our standards and working on the quality in order to maintain and further improve it.
  • Overall, 98 % are (very) satisfied with their INA KENT bag. Thankfully the amount of “very satisfied” customers is 80 %.
  • According to you, the versatility of our bags is the most valuable product feature. Multiple wearing options, variability in size, and individuality – e.g. by attaching a BALL’N’HAIN were specifically emphasized. “Design and functionality” are almost equally important. The most common adjectives mentioned in this context were: plain, unique, clear, practical, lightweight, well thought out, and (multi-) functional. Our keychain “BALL’N’CHAIN” is the most popular add-on. Also, it demonstrates the versatility of our products. We do not want to reveal too much at this point, but we’re pleased to share that we will launch more chains in the near future.
  • 90 % have already recommended us. We say: THANK YOU … and hope you continue to enjoy our products.
Image / Video / Produkt
Schultertasche MOONLIT ed.1 crackled purple und ILU ed.3 crackled purple
Tote Bag SHER ed.1 in silvery almond
29. June 2022