The Brand

Our vision
By exploring the contrast between aesthetics and functionality, we create versatile products that bring joy into your everyday life. Smart designs to accompany mindful people all over a diverse world.

Our mission
Independent from the start, INA KENT aims to design ultra-versatile products that feel lavish yet authentic. Our goal is to create bags and accessories that meet the requirements of modern life and speak to all generations. Timeless designs one can intuitively reach for and wear on-the-go.

Vienna being our hometown, our designs mirror the city’s unique spirit. As part of our identity, we are committed to social responsibility and quality in every single step.

INA KENT. Vienna. Since 2007.

Spawned by the desire to create something new and different, autodidact Ina Kent founded her eponymous brand in 2007. Her own experience and careful observation provide a starting point for her creations, which keep pace with the complex demands of modern-day life. What counts is the quality of every production step and the respectful use of all resources.

"Quite late in life, I started to study Nutritional Science, and right before I graduated, I became pregnant. Consequently, I dropped out of university since I needed to find a job with flexible hours so I could still support myself and my child. I had previously worked with leather when I was younger, from that time I had kept my atelier with a small front window. I have always loved good product design ... and that's just how it all came together.”
Ina Kent, Founder & Creative Director 


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Ina Kent vor dem INA KENT-Store in Wien Neubau
Designerin Ina Kent in Wien Neubau
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The design. Bags with inner potential.

INA KENT stands for timeless and, at the same time, modern design that adapts to every situation and is worn with great pleasure for years. Adaptability and durability are important to us. Every piece becomes unique, every bag shapes its own story.

Multi-optional design as well as smart details reflect our claim to develop bags and accessories that meet the complex requirements of everyday life and are worn with joy on every occasion.

"Every new design is based on a few personal sources of inspiration, whereas more or less anything can be a source of inspiration: Observations of how shapes, silhouettes, and techniques collude in everyday life, as well as my perceived intrinsic environment. When I design, I pay more attention to the continuous development of a product / object than trying to do something completely new. That’s how the identity of the design remains what it is.”
Ina Kent

Innovative materials meet smart design, accompanied by insides that keep your belongings organized. The majority of our styles offer multiple ways to wear: by folding or gathering the bag and shortening or lengthening the strap, our bags adapt to different needs and thus underline the individuality of its wearer. Carabiner rings, which are easy to open and close, as well as buttons and straps, enable effortless transformations. Furthermore, additional accessories are easy to combine and invite you to individualize your bag.

Most of our bags have a sturdy cotton lining with a brand-specific design and a well-thought-out size-appropriate interior with separate compartments for smartphones, keys, and wallets. When designing our bags, we keep in mind indispensable tools of modern everyday life and consider space for laptops and tablets in standard sizes.


We value the natural vividness of leather and believe that it becomes even more beautiful over the years. Therefore, we only use high-quality, scarcely treated leather, where the original grain of the leather remains visible.

“The materials we use build the basis of our bags and determine the characteristics of our products. I generally spend a lot of time researching in order to find and select the perfect surface for our each and every design."
Ina Kent

Even with our innovative foiled and embossed leathers, the delicate, soft touch is usually retained despite surface treatment. The raw hides primarily originate from Italy and France, with some also coming from India. Straps that come into direct contact with the skin are made from vegetable-tanned Italian Vacchetta leather to ensure the best skin compatibility. Additionally, our leathers with Eco Honeycomb or Eco Croc finish, all Eco Buffalo leathers, and the leather or colour variant Eco Antique Metallic Anthra are also of vegetable tanning.

Our branded hardware – carabiner rings as well as rivets and buttons – is made especially for us. Also, we only use high-quality YKK Excella® zip fasteners.

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Materials Close Up
Materials – Leather
Materials – Straps
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We have always seen it as a matter of course to produce as responsibly and socially acceptable as possible. It is therefore important to us, to create products that are as timeless, durable, and flexible as possible. We select our production sites very carefully. To ensure that our partners share our values, we visit them regularly and are in close contact with the owners.

Products that require numerous and complex manufacturing steps are being produced with our Indian partner company. With our new partner in Uttar Pradesh, we have found a modern manufacturer, where not only the working and production conditions meet high standards. Respectful cooperation is also a matter of course.

I select and screen our production partners very carefully. Before deciding on whether or not a production partner is a good fit, acts according to our values, and matches our quality standards, I visit the owners and production. Therefore, it takes a long time before I agree to partner up with somebody. I maintain a friendly relationship with our partner, and I keep visiting regularly” 
Ina Kent

We are aware that long transport routes leave a significant ecological footprint. However, as in many other production chains, the transport routes of finished products – from the production facility to the customer – are not the only ones to be considered. Transport routes taken by the raw leather hides and the individual parts required, such as carabiners or rivets, make a difference as well. In such complex processes, we always strive to make the best possible decisions based on responsible evaluation and to act in accordance with our values. Bags tell stories.

Photo of Ina Kent: © Gianmaria Gava