BETTER TOGETHER – Insights & Learnings

BETTER TOGETHER – Insights & Learnings

The desire for transparency was one of the key results of our recent online survey on topics like purchasing behaviour, products and production. We would like to meet this need and make first steps towards greater transparency. Therefore, we would like to share some of the results that seemed crucial to us. First of all: We were overwhelmed by the number of participants and utterly thankful! We are also pleased to present first measures that we have either already taken or are currently underway.

COVID-19 Effect on Shopping Behavior

Currently trending: Conscious Consumption
For the majority of those surveyed, purchasing behaviour will change dramatically due to Covid-19: Around 2/3 of the participants stated that they will make more conscious decisions when buying consumer goods in the future. They will focus on smaller brands of Austrian origin and will also shop more selectively, focusing on high-quality and sustainable products. These results confirm our claim to produce timeless and durable products. We are convinced that longevity is an essential part of sustainability. That is why we want to create products that can withstand the requirements of everyday life and still be worn with joy – even after years. One of our main criteria in design is to focus on timeless features rather than short-lived fashion trends.

Even small contributions count
We therefore try to include climate protection measures in rather marginal decisions. For instance, we have recently launched an environmentally friendly shipping option that can be selected at the end of the ordering process. This way, we are able to reuse packaging from previously returned parcels, making sure they don’t go to waste. It's just one small step we’re taking in our commitment to sustainability but we are also working on further solutions to make our shipping process even more environmentally conscious.

Quality is the top 1 buying motive
For 85 % of the respondents, the top 3 buying motives have not changed due to Covid-19. Quality seems to be by far the most important motive – according to the results, this hasn’t changed either. We are therefore pleased that 95 % of our customers are satisfied with the quality of our products. At the same time, we acknowledge that 5 % are not satisfied yet. However, we see this as an opportunity to do even better. The use of high-quality materials is the basis for creating top-quality products. We take your feedback very seriously and are currently working on developing straps that are even more comfortable to wear. Since the end of last year, the straps of our products come with dyed edges. Furthermore, product details such as seams, stitching and hardware have also been refined. In addition, we are always looking for new surfaces that will stand the test of time.

Where would you like to see improvement?

Almost 2/3 of those who participated in the survey would like to learn more about our supply chain. We are working on improving our transparency and communicating more openly to give you better insights into our partners and suppliers. We endeavor to gradually integrate more detailed information on our website about our sources of supply and our production partner.

If you have any more specific questions regarding our production or supply chain, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service:
You can also find some information on our website.

When looking for external partners and selecting suppliers, we pay particular attention to their ethical and social behavioural framework. In 2019 we decided to move our production to India. This decision was motivated by our aspiration to further improve the quality of our products and at the same time offer affordable and attractive products. Our partner company in Uttar Pradesh is a state-of-the-art manufacturer that works according to European standards and is able to create products that correspond with our quality demands and ethical framework.

The implementation of this decision was linked to an extensive learning process including a constant evaluation of the circumstances but in particular the intensive and direct contact with our partners. It goes without saying that we are in constant contact with the owners and Ina Kent is regularly visiting.

Materials & leather alternatives
About 55 % of the participants can imagine buying INA KENT bags that are not made of leather. Vegan leather alternatives often consist of PU (polyurethane), a type of plastic that is not a viable solution for us and above all strongly contradicts our concept of product longevity. That is why we are currently looking for high-quality fabrics and leather-alternatives – materials that are accessible to us and fit into our pricing strategy.

Vegetable tanning
27% of those who participated, prefer vegetable-tanned leather and would also accept a higher purchase price. It has always been important to us that materials that come into direct contact with the skin – like straps – are made of vegetable-tanned leather. Also, all of our styles in HONEYCOMB leather, as well as our styles in CRACKLED leather, are vegetable-tanned. We will continue to include vegetable-tanned surfaces in our product range and will also try to increase the use of vegetable tanning.

10. July 2020