Corporate transparency

Transparency is one of our core values. Therefore, we constantly aim to outline our internal company processes and be transparent about our supply chain. It is a continuous process in which we strive to exploit the potential as best we can. Bags tell stories.

1. Logistics
  • We are aware that long transport routes lead to a significant ecological footprint. As in many other production chains, however, the transport routes of the finished products from the production site to the customer are not the only ones to be considered here. Naturally, the transport of raw hides and individual components such as carabiner rings and rivets affect our footprint. In complex processes like these, we strive to make the best possible decisions based on responsible considerations and, first and foremost, according to our values. 
  • As soon as the goods have reached our warehouse, we only stock up our stores on foot. Hence, we forgo 100 % of possible CO2 emissions. 
  • Our online orders and wholesale orders are almost exclusively shipped climate neutrally.
  • We continuously try to improve the distribution procedures of online store parcels to be as environmentally friendly as possible. 
  • We offer “environmentally-friendly shipment” as a shipping option. Customers may choose to receive their order in recycled cardboard packaging. Depending on the availability of the necessary packaging, previously used cardboard boxes are utilized.
  •  We are solely using paper duct tape to allow for more easy recycling of the cartons. 
  • In February 2021, we switched our shipping labels from plastic covers to paper.
2. Resource management
  • We constantly evaluate the supply chains of our processed leather and other hardware-components we use. To avoid long transportation routes between different production facilities, we preferably use local resources, if available. If the goods are not available in the highest quality, we carefully reflect on how we can reduce transportation routes during the production process. We’re planning to expand our portfolio of vegetable-tanned and, therefore, chrome-free leathers. At the moment, the following leathers in our portfolio are vegetable-tanned:

- eco croc leather
- eco honeycomb leather
- eco base leather
- eco antique crackled leather 
- vachetta leather (nearly exclusively used for straps)

  • We continuously strive to meet the needs of those customers who are deeply committed to sourcing non-animal origin products. Leather alternatives often comprise PU (Polyurethane), a type of plastic that isn't a feasible solution for us and runs counter to our ethos of product longevity and sustainability. Polyurethane is a synthetic material derived from fossil fuels. The production of PU can be environmentally taxing and associated with significant energy consumption. Moreover, its disposal can pose challenges as PU is often difficult to recycle.
  • In June 2022, we introduced our first vegan bag: Our best seller in a Desserto® cactus leather alternative – an innovative, entirely plant-based leather substitute made from Nopal cactus fibers. Currently, this product is not being reproduced, as we have a brand-new material in focus that we are focusing on. 
  • Since 2020, we have been focusing on minimum waste, which is why our off-cuts (small leather pieces) go into the production of manufacturing small leather goods. For that reason, we offer quite a few small leather goods in our product portfolio. "Special Edition" collection: Since 2018, we have annually launched limited items that clearly stand out from the standard collection due to their mix of colours and materials. The idea behind these special edition items is, among other things, that any leather leftovers from past collections go into the production and are used to manufacture new items, even if only a single bag can be made out of the leftover materials.
  • Once or twice a year, we offer an archive or sample sale. This measure is crucial in order to further support the zero-waste-notion in our production process. 

INA KENT bags are not fast fashion items. Creating timeless, durable, and versatile products is of great importance to us. This focus on design is a key factor to ensure that our bags can be worn with joy even after many years.

Even with our innovative foiled and embossed leathers, the delicate, soft touch is usually retained despite surface treatment. The raw hides primarily originate from Italy and France, with some also coming from India. Straps that come into direct contact with the skin are made from vegetable-tanned Italian Vacchetta leather to ensure the best skin compatibility. Additionally, our leathers with Eco Honeycomb or Eco Croc finish, all Eco Buffalo leathers, and the leather or colour variant Eco Antique Metallic Anthra are also of vegetable tanning.

  • Each bag comes with a protective and appealing cotton dust bag to protect your item from stains, scratches and light when not in use. Stored away inside its respective dust bag will increase the bags longevity. If you are currently using your handbag, you might want to use your dust bag as an additional shopping tote.
  • When it comes to longevity, the appropriate care is fundamental. Hence, we offer an extensive care guide on our website to extend the lifespan of our products. Additionally, we attach the suitable care guide to every purchased item. We evaluate the best care products for different leathers before placing them for sale
  • For us, the longevity of a product is one of the most substantial aspects of sustainability. Longevity not only saves the use of perpetually new resources but also reduces the amount of waste created. Concerning resource-saving consumption, INA KENT bags are ultra-versatile, can be used and carried in many different ways, and are easy to individualize and combine with other items from our product range. These valuable features will bring new joy to your items and give them a one-of-a-kind feel without having to swap out your bag for a new one.
  • To ensure a long product lifecycle, we offer a repair service. Bags within the warranty period are repaired free of charge by a partner company in Vienna. Unfortunately, at the moment, we cannot offer a repair service for bags outside the warranty. We are working diligently to find a solution to once again provide repairs for these bags. For more information, please refer to this link.
  • Additionally, we provide all the hardware and spare parts, like carabiner rings, rivets and straps etc. to support the use over many years.
  • Our stores and office are almost exclusively furnished with upcycled and second-hand items that come from Ina Kents personal fundus. Some pieces of furniture are custom made by a local carpenter.
  • The conscious and sustainable handling of resources in our daily routines is implicit for the whole team. Some of these things may seem like minor details but will sum up to a significant contribution. At the same time, it is crucial for everyone on the team to stay alert and contribute to further optimization.