Carefully crafted, heedlessly worn.

We primarily work with genuine, scarcely treated sauvage leather. This is a full-grain aniline leather with a particularly soft texture.The resulting product retains the hide's natural surface with the 'grain', i.e. visible pores, scars etc. of the complete original animal's skin structure. Only the high quality leather of well treated animals result suitable for aniline finish. We leave it's raw surface structure to preserve the naturalness of the leather, or combine it with carefully selected metallic foil coated leather, to achieve captivating contrasts. Despite the surface treatment, we make sure that the individual character and the pleasant soft grasp of the laminated surfaces are retained. We also attach great importance to the natural and appealing vibrancy of the material, because we are convinced that leather becomes even more beautiful throughout the years and use. And to ensure the utmost skin compatibility, our straps, and also all bags made out of Honeycomb Leather, are made out of vegetable tanned leather.

In order to fulfill our idea of ruthless use, we only use high-quality zippers, which can withstand wear and tear. The metal rings and buttons, which invite the wearer to open and close them again and again, are produced especially for our bags.

Bags tell stories.