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INA KENT Schultertasche MOONLIT ed.1 vegan black aus Kaktusleder
INA KENT Crossbody Bag MOONLIT ed.1 vegan black aus Kaktus-Leder
Innenleben Schultertasche MOONLIT ed.1 vegan black aus Kaktusleder
Tragevarianten MOONLIT ed.1 – Schultertasche, Crossbody Bag, Handtasche

vegan black
Vegan leather crossbody bag black

+22 colours
EUR 175
MOONLIT ed.1 vegan black aus Kaktusleder schwarz

"Sustainability has always been an essential part of our corporate philosophy and therefore is always present in the design process. By working with Desserto® vegan cactus leather, we offer a material that lives up to our ideas of a vegan alternative. With this project, we are taking the first step towards vegan bags."

Ina Kent, CEO & Creative Director.

The innovative, purely plant-based leather made of fibers of the Nopal cactus impresses with its high level of eco-friendly features and wearing comfort. In contrast to synthetic leather alternatives, mainly made of synthetic materials, Desserto® leather is made from nopal cactus. A breathable, pleasantly supple material that looks very similar to cow leather. Desserto® is resilient and mostly CO2-neutral in terms of its CO2 balance. The vegan cactus leather is a natural raw material that is cultivated and harvested in Mexico in a resource-saving, responsible manner. The Mexican start-up Desserto® and a Portuguese partner-production meet the most stringent quality standards.

With MOONLIT ed.1 black made of nopal leather, we are reinventing our top-selling everyday bag that is MOONLIT ed.1 vegan black. The vegan version is equal to the real leather version in terms of versatility, and at the same time reduces the ecological footprint.

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