Leather Care and Maintenance

1. What kind of leather do we use?
Leather is a natural product, every piece may be regarded as entirely unique. We only use scarcely treated, Italian cow leather. The smooth leather types used are high quality open pore aniline and semi-aniline leathers, which are characterized by their warm and soft touch. Because of the naturalness and purity, irregularities like scars, mosquito bites or slight scratches might remain on the surface. Due to the fact that leather is a natural product, coloring dye might be absorbed in different ways and intensities, which is why INA KENT bags may slightly vary in color. However, these characteristics are not failures or defects, but rather part of the design and individuality.

2. How best to protect my INA KENT bag?
Aniline Leather is dyed without covering the surface. Semi-aniline Leather is dyed with just a slight pigmentation that does not cover grain patterns. These are high-quality leathers that only can be produced with the best raw material.

// Before using your bag for the first time, we highly recommend to treat your bag with special leather care products. Please do not use any products containing fat. Those may block pores and lead to a darkening process of the leather.
// Avoid excessive sun exposure, since it may cause color fading on the surface.
// Please note that non-colorfast textiles, like denim, may rub off on the leather of your bag.
// Please don't use any soaps or other chemical solvents to clean your bag.

For maintenance of all smooth leathers, we recommend the products of Colourlock.  The product will improve the impregnation and protection effect, if is used on a regular basis. Due to its UV-protection the product contributes to the color-protection. Please also take note of the manufacturer's instructions.

The leather that is used to produce the straps of INA KENT bags are vegetable tanned and skin- friendly. Please note that the open cut edges of all of our bag straps can rub off on sensitive textiles or cause slight damages on the textiles surface, when exposed to moisture.

3. How best to protect my metallic INA KENT bag?

The metallic leather is produced by applying a thin film of metal on the natural leather’s surface under the influence of warmth and pressure. The foil protects the leather from moisture and drying-out. With time and use, the leather develops a matte, arenaceous ( powdery) surface.

Please note that sharp or peaked objects can damage the surface. A specific maintenance is not required.

4. How best to protect my vintage INA KENT bag?
The vintage leather is an aniline leather with a distinctive patina. After the dyeing process, oils and waxes are applied to the leather’s surface. This process makes the leather particularly soft. With time and use, the leather quickly develops a matte and irregular surface, which allows the actual leather color to emerge and hence the unfolding of the desired used and vintage effect. Due to the treatment with waxes and oils, it is protected from certain signs of use and obtains particularly good resistance to fading. Please also note that sharp objects may harm the leather's surface. The vintage leather doesn't require any special care. However, you can add an extra protection on your INA KENT bag by using a Nubuk leather spray before usage.

5. How best to protect my bag from weather conditions?
To make your INA KENT bag last longer, you can impregnate it with a Nubuk leather spray before usage.

For maintenance of all smooth leathers, we recommend the products of Colourlock.  The product will improve the impregnation and protection effect, if is used on a regular basis. Due to its UV-protection the product contributes to the color-protection. Please also take note of the manufacturer's instructions.No special maintenance or impregnation is needed for the Metallic-Honeycomb and Tar leather.

Important: Your bag will only be protected from environmental conditions if you safeguard it from the very beginning. Dried stains are very difficult to remove and can only be removed by specialized companies, therefore a prevention is essential. If an accident occurs and you need help, we highly recommend to seek advice from Ledermanufaktur Wien.

Return / Refund

6. Can I, in case of doubt, exchange or return my INA KENT bag I purchased online?
Orders purchased online can be returned within 14 days of purchase without any specific reasons. The period begins on the day the goods are received by the customer. The return will be regarded as credible if a declaration of rescission is sent electronically or by other means by the customer on the last day of the period.

If the consumer withdraws from the contract or exercises their right to cancel, the customer is promptly obliged to send the goods back in the original packaging and without traces of usage. If the goods were used by the consumer, INA KENT as a vendor, is not obliged to accept the rescission of the buyer. The consumer is expressly obligated to bear all related costs and shipping costs associated with the return of the goods. Once the goods have been received, INA KENT undertakes matching payment with delivery.

7. In case of doubt, can I exchange or return my INA KENT bag I purchased in an INA KENT store?
You can exchange your INA KENT bag in any of our stores within 2 weeks of purchase.

Our return policy offers an exchange of the merchandise or the full calculated refund value in the form of a non-refundable voucher or a voucher with the residual amount in case the costumer exchanges the purchased merchandise with a lower priced product on return. The validity of the voucher is not limited. However we would like to point out, that the exchange is only possible with the original receipt.


8. How long is my INA KENT purchase covered by warranty?
INA KENT will adhere to all applicable laws and regulations regarding a claim for warranty, and can offer you warranty for damages to your INA KENT bag within the first two years of purchase. The consumer has a right to full warranty in the event of  damage resulting from a production defect within the first six months of purchase. This shall not apply to products which due to the quality of the materials used or after their use are subject to early consumption or wear and tear, nor in case of damage resulting from loss in value from normal use, improper handling or storage, excessive use, exposure to temperatures, influence of the weather or of moisture/humidity or chemical influence. For further information please contact our customer services team.

9. What can I do if my INA KENT bag gets damaged?
All of our bags are carefully handmade with high-quality materials so that you can enjoy your INA KENT bag for a longer period of time. In case your INA KENT bag might get damaged, you can come with your bag to our shop in the Siebensterngasse 50, where we will gladly take a look at it. It is important that you have the original receipt or proof that you purchase the bag in one of our stores or over our Webshop.

10. Where can I get my INA KENT bag repaired?
Should your INA KENT bag get damaged, you can come to our shop in the Siebensterngasse 50 with your bag and the original receipt. There, we will gladly take a look at your bag and modify any minor adjustments directly in the store. In case you purchased your INA KENT bag at our online shop, please contact our customer services team.


11. Where can I buy INA KENT bags in Austria?
You can find the entire collection of INA KENT products at both of our stores in Vienna. For a full list of retailers with selected INA KENT items, please click here.

12. Is it possible to purchase an INA KENT bag outside of Austria?
You can select and purchase any INA KENT bag from our online shop, as long as it is in stock. For free shipping a minimum order value of €100 is required. For more information about delivery terms, policies and shipping time, please click here.

For a list of retailers outside of Austria, please click here.

Please take note that our retailers only carry a selection of our products.